The Conquer TEam and our mission

Learn more about the Conquer team and our mission to make sports accessible to everyone.

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Meet the Dynamic Team Behind Conquer: Passionate Athletes and Tech Innovators

About our Team

The Conquer team is a dynamic group of individuals united by a shared passion for sports and technology. We come from all across the country, bringing a wealth of diverse skills and experiences to the table. From programming and data analytics to event organizing and social media, our team is a perfect blend of tech-savvy professionals and sports enthusiasts. We work together like a sports team, constantly striving to improve and achieve our goals, and make sports accessible to everyone.

Our founders, Louis Long, Matthew Lee, and Tanner Luke envisioned a platform that would connect athletes of all skill levels and provide them with an opportunity to compete and improve. Along with their leadership, our team is dedicated to creating an inclusive and empowering environment for athletes to reach their full potential. With the support of our team, we are committed to making sports accessible to everyone.

Learn more about the team behind Conquer and our mission to make sports accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to make sports accessible to everyone.

About our Mission

At Conquer, our mission is to break down barriers and make sports accessible to everyone regardless of skill level or experience. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the sports they love, and we're dedicated to using technology to make that happen. Our app connects athletes of all skill levels, providing them with a platform for competitive team sports. Our goal is to create a community where everyone can come together to play, compete, and improve.

We strive to leverage technology and data to optimally connect athletes of all skill levels, providing them with a platform for competitive team sports. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, our app offers a way for you to compete and improve. With Conquer, you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself and push beyond your own limits.

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Lead Developer for Conquer
Lead Developer for Conquer
CEO for Conquer
Social Media Manager for Conquer
Product manager for Conquer
Technical Advisor for Conquer App

The Coonection

Matt is responsible for overseeing the development team and ensuring that new versions of the app are released on time. He is also in charge of operations in NJ and helps with expansion efforts. His main goal is to come up with strategies for growth that align with Conquer's mission.

Pickup sports hold a special place in Matthew's heart. He has met some of his closest friends through sports and believes that the relationships he has built through playing pickup games are invaluable. He loves the opportunity to meet new people and build connections through playing sports. Through Conquer, Matthew has been able to meet countless people and make lasting friendships.

Matthew Lee
COO and Founder

TheTech Titan

Tanner Luke is a driving force behind the company's technology and development. He brings a wealth of experience as a self-taught developer, with a focus on creating simple yet powerful tools that are accessible to everyone, Tanner is essential to Conquer's mission of making sports more accessible for everyone.

In addition to leading the development team, he is deeply committed to using technology to bring people together through sports. He believes that sports can unite people in a way that nothing else can, and is determined to use technology to create the best possible experience for players at an affordable cost. With his leadership and innovative thinking, Tanner is a key player in the Conquer's success.

Tanner Luke
CTO and Founder

Joltin' Joe

Joseph Wentzel is a software engineer for Conquer, responsible for adding cutting-edge features to the app to ensure the best user experience possible. His dedication to developing the app allows athletes of all levels to continue competing and stay connected, especially during challenging times.

For Joseph, sports have been an integral part of his life, and he understands how difficult it can be to lose that connection. With Conquer, he is proud to be a part of a mission to make sports accessible to everyone, regardless of their circumstances. Through the app's innovative features, he hopes to help users find the same passion for sports that has driven him throughout his life.

Joseph Wentzel
Software Developer

The Backer

Matthew is responsible for creating and implementing the technical aspects of the app. He combines his passion for sports with his expertise in software development to bring the best possible experience to sports enthusiasts.

Throughout his life, sports have provided a sense of belonging and a place to give his all. Whether it's on the soccer field, rowing in the water, or building great products. Matthew is able to fulfill this passion by working at Conquer, where he helps others find their own love for sports through the app's seamless and intuitive user experience.

Matthew Debacker
Software Developer


Louis Long is at the forefront of bringing the vision of the company to life. With a passion for sports and a commitment to making them more accessible to everyone, Louis is dedicated to building a platform that empowers people to connect, compete, and conquer.

Despite the challenges of running a startup, Louis is driven by his love for sports and the positive impact they can have on people's lives. For him, sports are a source of inspiration and a way to escape from the stress of daily life. With Conquer, he hopes to provide people with a platform that allows them to experience the same sense of release and fulfillment that he finds on the soccer field.

Louis Long
CEO, Founder

The media Maestro

Al leverages his expertise in social media to spread the word about the app and its mission. With a majority of the target audience using social media on a daily basis, Alfardy is essential in making sure that everyone knows about Conquer and its goal to make sports more accessible to all skill levels.

Pickup sports have a special place in Alfardy's heart, as he sees it as a form of bonding and connection. Through social media, Al is determined to make Conquer a household name, where people from all over the world can find a common interest in sports and connect with one another.

Alfardy "Al" Ali
Director of Content and Media

The productprodigy

Edu Rigonato is responsible for driving the app's strategy, design and growth to create a seamless and intuitive user experience. He also plays a role in web development and community outreach to ensure the app is meeting the needs of its users and fulfilling its mission of making sports more accessible for all.

For Edu, pickup sports holds a special meaning. Growing up, his family often worked long hours and pickup sports provided him with a positive outlet and a way to stay off the streets. Through playing pickup, Edu has met many lifelong friends and has learned valuable life lessons. He is excited to be a part of the Conquer team and to be making a positive impact on the world of sports.

Edu Rigonato
Product Manager

myles a minute

Myles Grote is the Head of Portfolio Success at High Alpha Innovation, where he works closely with their world-class founders to accelerate their growth.

As an early pioneer in the sports technology industry, it was a natural fit to serve as an Advisor to Conquer. Through his experience founding Upper Hand and Omnidollar Ventures, he brings over 20 years of operator and investing experience to the team. In addition to his roles at High Alpha Innovation and Conquer, he serves as an EIR and Mentor for the Techstars Sports Accelerator powered by Indy.
Myles believes in the power of sport to unite.

Myles Grote
Growth Advisor
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