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#1 Sport hosting App

Made with your needs in mind

Get the tools and support you need to host pick up games and post rentals for athletes in your community.

elevate your game with our host program

become a certified host and Get Paid

Take your game to the next level by hosting on our platform and collecting payment from players before the game begins. Conquer organizers can make thousands of dollars every month, connect with hundreds and players, and earn discounts on equipment, facility rentals, and more through our partner network.

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collect then play

Our platform allows hosts to collect payment before the game begins, eliminating the need to chase down players for payment and reducing the risk of financial loss. Make money playing the sports you love with your network.

Efficiency & organization

You can easily set a date, time and location for games, monitor attendance, and communicate with players streamlining the process of organizing games and saving you time and energy.

the players find you

By hosting on Conquer, you can invite specific people to join your games and leverage our network of thousands of players. Our leaderboard will make your games more competitive and fun.

Increase Field Utilization

Partner with Us as a Private Facility and stay booked

Make higher margins and fill your fields, courts, and excess space with pick up games or list open space to rent.

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Avoid Empty Field Time

With Conquer, unrented space doesn't go to waste. When you can't find a renter, we help bring individual players together to you to ensure your facility stays full.

Maximize REvenue

Hosting pick up games can generate revenue during off-peak hours and empty time slots. Pick ups help bring in new clients and are more profitable than rentals.

Efficiency & Organization

Leverage our platform for game management tools, communication and promotion. Share game links on your website and socials, collect payment beforehand, issue automatic refunds, and save time answering questions over the phone.

grow your program

Boost revenue and Attract New Players

Partner with Conquer to offer pick up games to new and existing players in your network.

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Maximize Revenue

Monetize your existing player base by hosting pick up games on unused courts/fields, in between seasons, or at designated dates and times.

Elevate your program

Enhance the player experience by layering on pick up games to your program. Give players a chance to train more, play against new competition, and try new moves and positions.

Grow your player base

Pick up games involve less commitment than joining teams and leagues. Host games as a way to recruit new players and encourage existing players to invite friends. Many captains also use Conquer to source free agents for games.

Maximize the usage of your open fields

Coming soon

Partner with us and turn your unused fields into a source of income and/or way to bring together your community.

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Increase Facility Utilization

Make sure fields and courts are always booked by publicizing openings and games to members/residents in your community.

Build Community

Make it easy for new and existing members/residents to connect with other athletes in their community. Members can both create and join games.

Private Access and Organization

Communities and their members/residents receive a unique access code allowing them to create games that can only be viewed and joined by other community members.

1. List your game

Choose a location

Easily select the location of your game from a map or a list of pre-set locations.

List a date and time

Choose the date and time that works best for you and your players.

Pick your sport

Select the sport you want to play from a list of available options.

Page for creating a new game

2. Set your rules

Create the game you like

Customize the rules to your own preferences, such as setting the number of players, game duration, and scoring system.

Set competition levels

Choose the level of competition that you want for your game, from recreational to competitive.

Set capacity and gender

Set the number of players and the gender of players you want to invite, this way you can create a game that fits your needs.

Page with the details of the created games

3. fill up the game

Invite players you know

Easily invite friends, teammates, or other players you know to join your game.

Access thousands of athletes

Thousands of athletes can find your game and join.

Refer more players for perks

Earn rewards by referring players to the app.

page with information about the games and their participants

4. chat with players

Keep players updated

Use the in-app chat feature to keep players informed about game details and any changes or updates.

Build a sense of community

Connect with players, build a sense of community, and create a positive atmosphere for the game.

Set the tone

Set the tone for the game by communicating sportsmanship and the attitude you expect from players.

Page with the game chat

5. rank players

Make games more competitive

Use the ranking system to make games more competitive, giving players a sense of achievement, and encouraging them to play their best.

Have players vote

Allow players to vote for the best performers, creating a sense of accountability and making the game more fun.

Get rewards for playing well

Encourage players to play well by getting rewards for top performers, such as prizes or in-app credits.

Page to rank the best players
We needed an app that allowed us to fill all our games, take payments, and organize our field availability, plus they needed to have players in the tri-state area. Conquer has fulfilled all those needs.
Crystal Lestios (Facility Operator)
The football factory
Conquer is a no brainer. It allows us to generate revenue on our space when it’s not being used. There’s no downside and they’ve been able to bring new people into our facility.
Tyler Isaacson (Facility Operator)
capelli sport complex
With our leagues, we often have dead space during playoffs and in-between seasons. Conquer makes it easy to bring in new players and also further monetize our existing league players through pick-up.
Bread Bronson (League Organizer)
VOH League
Conquer has made my life as an organizer so much easier. From taking pre-payments, showing  live lists of who’s attending, setting a date, time, and skill level, it has saved me so much time and stress organizing games with my group. The leaderboard too has been great.
Hector Pagan (Group Organizer)
ISO Basketball
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What our users are saying

Our app has consistently received positive ratings from users. We are dedicated to providing a high-quality and valuable experience for all.

An App I've Been Waiting For!
This app is genius to say the least. For years I’ve been trying to find an app that’ll help me play soccer whenever I want. This app is perfect for that for any sport. There’s always something going on and if there isn’t, I can host an event myself. It’s honestly just something I’ve wanted for a while, finally being done. App is also really easy to navigate and use. Love it.


This app is awesome, I love the idea of finding people to play sports with. I’ve always loved playing pick up but as I got older I realized that finding people to play with got harder and harder. This app makes it easy to accomplish exactly that. A seamless UI with great features makes it easy to find local pick up games for me to get back out there and playing sports again. 5 out of 5 stars all around!

Brian Serge

Best Sports App!
So excited to see so many options of so many different sports in this app! This is truly a game changer and this app will be the market leader marketplace for all sports to host events on! The user experience is smooth and easy to navigate and not to mention the app runs quickly and no lag! What an amazing quality app and marketplace! Love this app!

Michael  C.

Exactly what I’ve been looking for!
Coming out of school it was hard to find activities I loved as much as playing an organized sport whether that be in school or park district leagues, especially during the heart of Covid. With Conquer that isn’t an issue anymore! With its easy to use interface, conquer lets anyone setup there profile within minutes and get out there to conquer in no time!

Joey Luke

This app is a great idea! Being 26 years old and out of college and school, it’s hard to go out snd find new people to play sports with rather then joining a location were you have to pay monthly where it’s only one sport and can’t choose other sports, or it’s at cost at some expense. This app makes it easy being that guy who just wants to have a good time and get active and do it with new people!

K. Ryan

Easy to Use
What do I say. As an athlete myself, I’m always trying to find ways to stay fit in the off-season. Lifting and going to the gym is great and it’s hard to find people to play sports with. Conquer app is the perfect way to eliminate these issues. Now I can find any pick up sport at the push of a few buttons. This way it’ll allow me to also meet new people as well. This is just what we need in a time like now! Getting outside and moving is important for our health and it just got easier!

J. Han

This app has been incredible for me. I was a varsity athlete in college and have since started a new working career. The athletic transition has been a shock to my lifestyle, especially with covid. I try to stay active by running and going to the gym but nothing beats the sensation of playing in competitive matches (and winning). With Conquer, I have been finding and hosting local basketball games in my neighborhood. It has been great not only for finding games, but also meeting new people. They also host events where you can meet the founders, which is dope.

Serafeim Sakellariou

Great Idea!
Finally! About time there’s an app for organizing pick up sports. User interface is easy to navigate. You can create both public and private events, set time and place with ease, and invite via the app. All very convenient to use, plus if you’re looking for pick up events to join when you have no one to play with, you can find them on the app. Large variety of sports as well, biggest ones being soccer and basketball right now. Wish this app was created earlier! 🤩👍

Mike Kim

I have constantly struggled with finding people to play basketball and soccer with and this app has come to save the day! It is so easy to set up events and share them through texts with my friends. I haven’t had any problems finding enough people to play pickup basketball with since I have started using this app.

Alex Miller

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The Team Behind The Company

Our mission is to make it easy for athletes of all skill levels to find and play in pick-up games that fit their schedule, while also giving them the opportunity to win prizes and money through ranked games and tournaments.

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