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Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just looking for a casual way to stay in shape, our app has ways for you to play and earn prizes. Get started today and discover the joy of playing pick up games with people in your community.

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People playing soccer on a field
6v6 Soccer Pick Up Near you
Tues. at 7:00 PM
Playing basketball in a court
Full Court Basketball
Mon. at 8:00 PM
Doing yoga in the park
Saturday Morning Yoga
Sat. at 10:00 AM
People playing cricket in the park
Jersey City Cricket
Sat. at 9:00 AM
a group of people playing spikeball
Afternoon Spikeball Pick-up
Sat. at 3:00 PM
A group of people playing volleyball
Court Volleyball @ the Y
Wed. at 6:00 PM
a group of friends playing football
Sunday Morning Football
Sun. AT 9:00 AM
two people playing pickleball
Open Play Pickleball
Thu. at 8:30 PM
two women running
Track Meet
Sun. at 9:00 AM
A group of people playing Lacrosse
Lacrosse Training Session
Thu. at 6:30 PM
Play games at some of the most premium facilities
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find Free and Paid local games

Our app makes it easy to find pick up games in your area, whether you're looking for free or paid options. Simply open the app and browse through a wide variety of games near you.

With our easy-to-use platform, secure a spot, wait less, and play more. Join a game today and start enjoying all the benefits of playing pick up sports with people in your community.

find a game today
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guarantee your spot

Are you tired of hoping there's a spot for you to play? With Conquer, you can secure your place in advance. There is no need to wait for "next" or have uneven teams. Simply find a game that fits your schedule and interests, and sign up to play. It's that simple.

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A woman with  headphones looking up exercises to do on her phone


Play at your skill level

Our app makes it easy to find games with players of similar skill level. No more one-sided games or feeling out of place. Players have the option to join beginner, intermediate or advanced games. This ensures that players have a good time and that all games are competitive.

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be the best and win prizes

Our app not only connects you with other players and helps you find games in your area, but it also offers the opportunity to win seasonal prizes from our select sponsors.

The more you play and the better you perform, the more chances you'll have to win prizes like sports gear, gift cards, and more. So bring your A-game and see what you can win through the Conquer app.

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What our users are saying

Our app has consistently received positive ratings from users. We are dedicated to providing a high-quality and valuable experience for all.

An App I've Been Waiting For!
This app is genius to say the least. For years I’ve been trying to find an app that’ll help me play soccer whenever I want. This app is perfect for that for any sport. There’s always something going on and if there isn’t, I can host an event myself. It’s honestly just something I’ve wanted for a while, finally being done. App is also really easy to navigate and use. Love it.


This app is awesome, I love the idea of finding people to play sports with. I’ve always loved playing pick up but as I got older I realized that finding people to play with got harder and harder. This app makes it easy to accomplish exactly that. A seamless UI with great features makes it easy to find local pick up games for me to get back out there and playing sports again. 5 out of 5 stars all around!

Brian Serge

Best Sports App!
So excited to see so many options of so many different sports in this app! This is truly a game changer and this app will be the market leader marketplace for all sports to host events on! The user experience is smooth and easy to navigate and not to mention the app runs quickly and no lag! What an amazing quality app and marketplace! Love this app!

Michael  C.

Exactly what I’ve been looking for!
Coming out of school it was hard to find activities I loved as much as playing an organized sport whether that be in school or park district leagues, especially during the heart of Covid. With Conquer that isn’t an issue anymore! With its easy to use interface, conquer lets anyone setup there profile within minutes and get out there to conquer in no time!

Joey Luke

This app is a great idea! Being 26 years old and out of college and school, it’s hard to go out snd find new people to play sports with rather then joining a location were you have to pay monthly where it’s only one sport and can’t choose other sports, or it’s at cost at some expense. This app makes it easy being that guy who just wants to have a good time and get active and do it with new people!

K. Ryan

Easy to Use
What do I say. As an athlete myself, I’m always trying to find ways to stay fit in the off-season. Lifting and going to the gym is great and it’s hard to find people to play sports with. Conquer app is the perfect way to eliminate these issues. Now I can find any pick up sport at the push of a few buttons. This way it’ll allow me to also meet new people as well. This is just what we need in a time like now! Getting outside and moving is important for our health and it just got easier!

J. Han

This app has been incredible for me. I was a varsity athlete in college and have since started a new working career. The athletic transition has been a shock to my lifestyle, especially with covid. I try to stay active by running and going to the gym but nothing beats the sensation of playing in competitive matches (and winning). With Conquer, I have been finding and hosting local basketball games in my neighborhood. It has been great not only for finding games, but also meeting new people. They also host events where you can meet the founders, which is dope.

Serafeim Sakellariou

Great Idea!
Finally! About time there’s an app for organizing pick up sports. User interface is easy to navigate. You can create both public and private events, set time and place with ease, and invite via the app. All very convenient to use, plus if you’re looking for pick up events to join when you have no one to play with, you can find them on the app. Large variety of sports as well, biggest ones being soccer and basketball right now. Wish this app was created earlier! 🤩👍

Mike Kim

I have constantly struggled with finding people to play basketball and soccer with and this app has come to save the day! It is so easy to set up events and share them through texts with my friends. I haven’t had any problems finding enough people to play pickup basketball with since I have started using this app.

Alex Miller

Host games

create games that fit your schedule

Set your own rules, schedule, and location for your games, and have players come to you.

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Conquer is currently available in select areas of New York and New Jersey. We're always looking to expand and bring our app to more cities and we could use your help. If you'd like to see Conquer in your city, simply fill out the form below and let us know where you're located. Thank you for helping us conquer the world of pick up sports. We'll be in touch.

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