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Elevate your Sports Organization

Monetize Every Moment

Conquer enables your organization to host pick-up games on unused courts or fields, in-between seasons, or at designated dates and times. Ensure no opportunity is missed in maximizing your revenue.

Amplify Player Experience

Add a new dimension to your club or league by introducing pick-up games. Provide players with more playing time, opportunities to train, and experience playing against different competition.

Expanding Your Community

Use pick-up games as a gateway to recruit new players into your club or league. With a lower commitment level, it’s an attractive option for many. Existing players will also have the chance to bring in friends and expand the community.

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We needed an app that allowed us to fill all our games, take payments, and organize our field availability, plus they needed to have players in the tri-state area. Conquer has fulfilled all those needs.
Crystal Lestios (Facility Operator)
The football factory
Conquer is a no brainer. It allows us to generate revenue on our space when it’s not being used. There’s no downside and they’ve been able to bring new people into our facility.
Tyler Isaacson (Facility Operator)
capelli sport complex
With our leagues, we often have dead space during playoffs and in-between seasons. Conquer makes it easy to bring in new players and also further monetize our existing league players through pick-up.
Bread Bronson (League Organizer)
VOH League
Conquer has made my life as an organizer so much easier. From taking pre-payments, showing  live lists of who’s attending, setting a date, time, and skill level, it has saved me so much time and stress organizing games with my group. The leaderboard too has been great.
Hector Pagan (Group Organizer)
ISO Basketball

Never stop building!

Grow Revenue:

Further monetize your clientele by hosting games at unused courts/fields in between seasons or at designated dates and times.

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lighten your workload

Simplify & expand your offerings

Use Conquer to enhance the client experience by offering games, clinics, & events for them to join. Players can see a full list of your offerings, sign up for games, & share your events with friends. Stay organized, collect payments, chat with players & grow a following!

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The Conquer logo in white and brown

Customer loyalty

Grow your player base

Pick up games involve less commitment than joining teams and leagues. Host games as a way to recruit new players and for existing players to invite friends. Leagues leverage Conquer as a way to source free agents or for their captains to find last minute subs.

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The Conquer logo in white and brown

Listing Your facility Is Simple & Seamless

A Step-by-Step Guide to Listing On Conquer

1. List your game

Choose a location

Easily select the location of your game from a map or a list of pre-set locations.

List a date and time

Choose the date and time that works best for you and your players.

Pick your sport

Select the sport you want to play from a list of available options.

Page for creating a new game

2. Set your rules

Create the game you like

Customize the rules to your own preferences, such as setting the number of players, game duration, and scoring system.

Set competition levels

Choose the level of competition that you want for your game, from recreational to competitive.

Set capacity and gender

Set the number of players and the gender of players you want to invite, this way you can create a game that fits your needs.

Page with the details of the created games

3. fill up the game

Invite players you know

Easily invite friends, teammates, or other players you know to join your game.

Access thousands of athletes

Thousands of athletes can find your game and join.

Refer more players for perks

Earn rewards by referring players to the app.

page with information about the games and their participants

4. chat with players

Keep players updated

Use the in-app chat feature to keep players informed about game details and any changes or updates.

Build a sense of community

Connect with players, build a sense of community, and create a positive atmosphere for the game.

Set the tone

Set the tone for the game by communicating sportsmanship and the attitude you expect from players.

Page with the game chat

5. rank players

Make games more competitive

Use the ranking system to make games more competitive, giving players a sense of achievement, and encouraging them to play their best.

Have players vote

Allow players to vote for the best performers, creating a sense of accountability and making the game more fun.

Get rewards for playing well

Encourage players to play well by getting rewards for top performers, such as prizes or in-app credits.

Page to rank the best players

Flexible listing options to suit your needs

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For brands, organizations, leagues, clubs, AAU Programs, and any sports organizations that deal with large volumes of players.

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