Accept Payment on Conquer

To set up your Stripe Account to collect payments from paid games, you must be a certified host. To become a certified host refer to Signing up for the Conquer App as an Organization and Special Onboarding Instructions for Certified Hosts. To set up your Stripe Account, click here. Scroll down and click on the “Get Started” button. You will then be able to sign up and join the Conquer Game Hosts Community. Refer to the Community and follow the steps in the “Welcome” section to get your Stripe Account set up.

Customizing Your Game Postings

Certified hosts can input their own logo, organization name, bio, and default game cover image. To access this feature, navigate to your profile from the homepage on the top left and click on “Organizer”. Clicking on the “Organizer” button will bring you to the “Organizer Profile” page. To add a logo click on the gray box under “Your Organization’s Logo”. This will bring you to your camera roll and select an image that is clear and that is in the shape of a square or can be cropped into one.

Next you can type in your organization’s name. Your organization’s name will be written in gold on the games you post for players to see.

After filling out your organization’s name, you can input details about your organization in the “Organization Bio” section. The text here will automatically be added to the game description for  all the games you create.

Finally you can submit a default cover photo. This photo can be changed, but will be the default image that shows up at the top of the screen after players click into your game. We recommend using a photo of your group playing one of the sports you host. If you always host games at the same venue, you can include an image of the venue you are hosting at. Click the “Submit Changes” button when you are finished.

To make edits, navigate back to the “Organizer Profile” page and make the changes necessary. Once all the changes are made, click on the “Submit Changes” button.

Setting Up Games as a Certified Host

All players have the ability to create a game, but certified hosts have the ability to create a paid game. On the homepage, there will be a button that says “Start A New Game”. Once you click on the “Start A New Game” button, it will bring you to the “Create a Game” page. You will be required to fill out the following fields: Game Title, Sport, Date & Time, Location, Price, and whether the game will be Public or Private. As a certified host, on this page you will have the ability to make the game recurring weekly.

Click on the “Continue” button to go to the next page to fill out more game details. The Game Details page will consist of filling out the Bio, Competition Level, Max Capacity, whether the game will be Ranked or Unranked for the Conquer Leaderboard, and the Sex. Certified hosts have the ability to add a “Game Cover Image” of their choice. Click on the default image to select an image from your camera roll. It is not required to add your own image, but it is recommended. Once all these fields are filled, you can click on “Continue” and your game will be created.

Adding & Removing Users

Certified hosts have the ability to add players to a paid game where the player will not be required to make a payment to join the game. Click on the “Add Players'' button on the bottom of the game page and you will be able to type in a player’s name. After searching for the player, click on the “Add User” button. The player will be added to the game without having to make a payment.

To remove a user from your game click on the "X" next to the player's name that you would like to remove. Players removed from paid games are automatically refunded.

Best Practices for Game Fulfillment

If you are a host struggling to fill your game, below are Conquer’s Best Practices for Game Fulfillment.

-Create a Groupchat: The most successful pick up groups have a group chat where they can easily share games and community with players. Conquer integrates well with group chats as players can simply click on a game link to join a game and see all the details

               -WhatsApp tends to be most populate Soccer organizers
               -TeamReach appears to be most popular for Pickleball organizers
               -GroupMe and text chat tend to be popular among Basketball organizers

-Post to Local Facebook Groups: There are often Facebook groups that contain a lot of players. You can share the link to your Conquer games and/or groupchat in these groups.

-Post to your Instagram Story/Bio: Almost all of our top organizers post the link to each of their games on the IG story and/or in their bio.

-Boots on the Ground: A good place to find pick up players is at local fields, leagues, or through contacting team captains. Often times if you find the right player, he/she can bring 10+ people to your pick up.

-Ask Players to Bring Friends: The beauty of pick up games is the chain or network effect that they have. Those players that enjoy your pick up games will be the best advocates and “ambassadors” to recruit more players.

-Ask for Help in the Conquer Community: As a certified host, you will have access to the Conquer Community. We built this community so we could work together to make sure sports are accessible for everyone. If you need help getting pick up started or with players, it’s possible a facility or another organizer will want to collaborate with you and bring on some players.

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