Playing in Ranked Games

Hosts have the option of posting games as rank or unranked. Ranked games reward leaderboard points to top performers. At the end of each ranked game that meet the leaderboard criteria, players can select 3 MVPs. Based on those votes, leaderboard points are calculated and rewarded to players in the game.

Leaderboard Criteria

A game must meet the following requirements in order to qualify for leaderboard voting and points:

-The game must be listed as ranked. You can see if a game is ranked on the game page under the competition level.

-The game must have at least six players (guests do not count).

-The sport of the game must be either soccer or basketball.

How to Earn Points

Two hours after the start time of a ranked game, you will be prompted to vote for the top 3 players. To vote for the top 3 players, you can click on the push notification to vote for MVPs. You can also vote for the top 3 players by clicking on the leaderboard tab at the bottom. If there is a game you have not voted for, there will be a badge next to the leaderboard tab, Clicking on the push notification to vote for MVPs or the leaderboard tab at the bottom will bring you the “Select MVPs” page. Here you will see all games you participated in that are votable. Once you select a game that you want to vote for, you will be brought to the “Choose Top 3” page. After choosing your top 3 players from the game, press on the “Submit Votes” button. You will then see the “Voting Confirmation” page.

You will have 24 hours from the game start time to cast your votes. If you do not submit your votes within the 24 hour time period, you will no longer have the ability to cast votes for that game. Leaderboard points are calculated within 48 hours. After 48 hours, check the leaderboard and see where you stand against the competition.

How to Earn Prizes

To see the prize pool and end date of the Conquer Leaderboard season, click on the leaderboard tab at the bottom and click on the “Check Prize Pool” button. The prize pool increases as more players join the Conquer Leaderboard Challenge. The top 30 players for soccer and basketball on the Conquer Leaderboard in New Jersey and New York City will win prizes from our sponsors at the end of the season.

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