Messaging a Player in a Game

Once you join a game on the Conquer app, you are automatically added to a Groupchat with all the other players in the game. To send a message to the group, click on the game you are in and click on the “Message Group'' button on the bottom of the screen . All players in the game will receive the message.

If you send a message to the group and leave the game, your previous messages will say “Message Removed”.

To see new and old messages, click on the message icon on the top left of the homepage. If you see a gold dot on the message icon that means that you have a message.

Messaging Friends

Currently, you will not be able to send direct messages to other players besides hosts. You can message the host directly to ask for information about the game. Direct messages will be coming soon.

Messaging a Host

To message the host of a game, click on the game that you are interested in. You will see the host of the game in the “Your Host” section. Next to the name of the host, there is a gray message icon. Click on the gray message icon and you will be able to send a direct message to the host. To access your direct messages, on the homepage click on the message icon at the top left. Click on the DM section to continue your conversation with the host. There will be a red next to the DM section, indicating that you have a message that has not been read. You will see all your direct messages. There will be a gold dot on the right indicating that you have an unread message.

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